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Nothing comes from nothing and nothing ends in nothing

This thought has always inspired every activity I carry out

I was born and live in Rome. Graduated in law and in political sciences - economic policy specialization, I have knowledge of English (intermediate), French (fluent), Spanish (basic level), Latin and ancient Greek (basic).


Freelance journalist, I have published over 700 articles (economy and work, foreign policy, tourism and local history, archeology, art and culture, biographies and sporting events) and I currently collaborate with the websites: InLibertā, BlastingNews, Re-Movies and Olbia.it . I am also a contributor to Wikipedia - the online encyclopedia, for which I have created 432 new pages. I wrote 5 fiction books and 9 essays and researches (see Books page).

I have good knowledge of Html language and SEO. In addition to this site, I have created and maintain www.bardanzellu.it (logo by me).

I am webcontent editor of: Romalavoro.net (logo created by me), Museodeidolmen.it, Prehistory.it and F-M.U.S.E.U.M.


Hobbies: yoga, spinning, swimming, family history research and painting:


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 "Sportstatistics" Project 

Within this site there is a section dedicated to sport statistics

(international football, tennis, cycling and athletics)


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